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German Vintage unique 50s framed Tote bag

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// A beautiful unique vintage tote bag from 50s with wonderful golden frame and hard cover
// A nice craftmanship of bags from Germany
// So elegant and nice color with structured panels
// Condition: very good vintage condition
// Material: 100% Leather(calfskin ?), matt and-no matt mix(not shiny leather)
// Details: gold coloured frame and clasp
// Color: brown, milk tee, panels slightly lighter brown than the strap and top hem
// big inner room partition with tow inside pockets
// Lining: suede pig leather probably
// Size: 25x 18x 7,5 (bottom), strap:35cm(from top edge) 45cm total length
// Weight: ca. 700g (cause of metal frame and hard cover) but totally ok due to small size)
// A nice eye-catcher and so en vogue


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